French Course At The Alliance Française

April 20, 2009

I started my French course at the beginning of last week, and although I was aiming for the intensive track, since it wasn’t the start of the month, I had to take the extensive one, which is three days a week, for three hours each time.

So far it’s been great! My classmates seem to be ahead of me, which is good because it means I have a better chance of improving, and I’m already learning overwhelming amounts of French in little time. As expected, my confidence level was quite low at the beginning, as I had surprised myself with how poor my French has become. But with time, the light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. So my current schedule is Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:30 to 16:30.

However, seeing as French is the main reason I’m here, I will be moving to the extensive track at the start of May, so my schedule will be Mondays through Fridays, 13:30 to 17:50. This will definitely get me more involved with the language, and hopefully give me the opportunity to express myself comfortably within the next couple of months.

Our teacher, Leticia, is very cool. She has a lot of patience, and keeps us all involved. The diversity in class is almost an attraction within itself, as we boast Spaniards, an Italian, a Dutchman, an Iranian, a Romanian, a Taiwanese, and a Japanese (amongst others). So it’s always good to see people make mistakes different than yours, and I think it helps us all as a group.

The center is located near metro St. Placide, which is on the same line as Simplon, where I live. Therefore, it only takes me 25 minutes to get from door to door.

So now I’ll get to my homework for tomorrow. A la prochaine!

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