Thinking Of The People Back Home

April 22, 2009

As I was getting ready to go to bed, I checked my Facebook wall and saw that my buddy Hazem Mohamed Ahmed had written me a HILARIOUS note about my earlier post with the award I handed to Bip Bip Pizza!

Basically, he was making the sound argument that, besides the fact that I am ruining the business of many tour guides in Paris with my blog entries, I made the shameful act of giving credit to a “pizzeria just around the corner” and never mentioned any of the champions we boast back home in the City Victorious. Most notably, “Ma7roos”, in Garden City, will always be remembered as the best fool in town, and by far the best atmosphere you can experience.

Unfortunately in Egypt we don’t really use maps, so to get to ma7roos, just get in a taxi, ask him to take you to Garden City, pay him half what he asks you for, and ask random people in the street for Ma7roos – you’ll never get lost. Make sure you try two different fool dishes, and don’t waste your time with the siders, you’re there for the fool, and you mean business. If you go WAY overboard, you might end of paying LE 20 (less than 3 Euros), so saving up shouldn’t be on your list of things to do before you head to the headquarters of fool.

On a more serious note, small things such as a comment by a good friend make you look at the situation from a different perspective. No matter how many people I meet here, and how interesting they may seem, nothing will EVER compare to spending late nights with friends in the streets of Cairo. So while I may seem to be flirting with Paris, I am absolutely clear on where my heart lies.

Same7ny ya Zuma! hahaha. Leek 3andi crebbaya lamma tegeely insha2allah.

P.S. Credit to Reem Abulleil for introducing me to Ma7roos, and insisting on taking me there when I had been convinced for ages that competitor El Baghl was the king of the fool domain in all of Egypt

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