The Dark Side Of Freelancing

May 5, 2009

Today won’t go down as one of my best in my stay in the second Capital of Love; some problems with the freelance work from Cairo, but oh well. Like they say here, c’est la vie. That’s the general problem when you’re working as a freelancer: the client.

You have to freedom to work from anywhere in the world, there are very little costs associated with your work, you work whenever you want to…and the list goes on. But unfortunately, like we say in Egypt “the sweetness is never complete”, there always has to be a downside, and that is precisely what I had gone through today. Maybe I should try to avoid Egyptian clients, and stick to the Europeans, who are much more organized and generally pay more. But then again, it would be nice to know that I would be helping the design industry in Egypt somehow.

To rub salt in the wound, Arsene Wenger proved that his time at Arsenal desperately needs to come to an end with a humiliating defeat at home against Manchester United in the 2nd leg of the semi-final of the Champions League. I am now convinced that he doesn’t really care about the club having any success or winning trophies, all he cares about is to prove to the rest of the world that he is a genius because he can get players of no value and still make big achievements. He’s obviously a failure because ever since he took on that school of thought four years ago, he has not won a single trophy – nothing. I can go on forever complaining about his philosophy, but I should leave it for some other time.

What makes a loss feel even worse is not having the people around to share your disappointment with. Football isn’t that important anyway, but I think little things that usually upset me tend to have a more noticeable effect here in Paris since I’m not surrounded by my usual listeners (and phone calls are not the same).

On a more positive note, I’ve kicked off some other projects that seem to be very promising. I’ll post about them at a later date. But it’s comforting to know that I will be working with professional people, and the income should come in handy around here.

Would I give up freelancing for a high-paying and secure 9-5 job? If I can help it, I would never give it up. And luckily, I think I’m in the field where I do actually have a say, and with the demand in Europe creating an attractive market, I hope to be able to have my freelancing cover for my monthly expenses. We’ll have to wait and see how things develop, but I, as I tend to be, am pretty optimistic.

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2 Responses to “The Dark Side Of Freelancing”

  1. Gema says:

    Ánimo!! As an amateur (or very beginner freelancer) I am very optimistic! You know, maybe doing another job you would have the same problems with clients, with bosses, with… bla bla bla. Like we say: “son gajes del oficio”. Don’t worry and good luck!

    (when I first read the title of the entry, I thought in Darth Vader and his Imperial March :P)

  2. taha says:

    You’ll always be helping the Egyptian design industry. Perhaps soon too you won’t have to rely on Egyptian clients solely for income. So you’ll be able to respond/work with future Egyptian clients accordingly and be more relaxed about it especially if they’re unreliable etc.

    There are plenty of complaints with Arsene Wenger and it does seem things need to change – although maybe with Arshavin in the team things would’ve been different? Impossible to say, but you can’t deny that when Arsenal are in the mood to play it’s beautiful to watch.

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